Help your students get their dream job.

Presumi provides universities, TAFEs and other institutions the means to track how their students perform and optimise their output.

Give your Careers department superpowers

Presumi provides you with the tools and insights to help your students excel at applying for and managing their job applications.

Your resume

You bring the students, we’ll bring the analytics platform.

We’ll create a custom onboarding experience for your students so you can collect some extra information like their Faculty and Student ID.

Monitor students’ success on your Presumi Dashboard

We’ve designed a beautiful, data-rich platform that gives you the ability to identify problems in student’s applications and start fixing them.

Analyse student performance and generate reports

With Presumi, you can generate reports on student success rates or aggregate improvement over a monthly basis.

Presumi will help new graduates with their job hunt. It fits well with our university's plan to grow student employability.
Aaron Ngan, Internships Officer at UTS Careers

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