What is Presumi?

Presumi is a data analytics company for education and recruitment. Formed in early 2016, we’ve made it our aim to assist job seekers in their search and process by automating a lot of the manual labour and enriching job applications through analytics and management tools.

Our team is small but extremely talented, hailing from Atlassian, Tyro, Freelancer and Palantir. We've also had the privelege of working for some of Sydney's biggest startups - Zookal, Flirtey, Sumry and ShowPo.

Our product is a collection of tools that make finding and applying for jobs much easier, smarter and faster. Building on our first two tools (job application management and smart resume tracking), we will be releasing a large range of tools over the coming months that solve different pain points such as finding jobs, getting feedback, etc.

We seek to bring on tech-savvy job seekers with a focus on university students and give them the tools to get their dream job, as well as the options to get help from their university and connect with employers. We're encouraging a new, data-driven method of applying for jobs inspired by the Feedback Loop. Apply, fail, learn and iterate.

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Press Kit

We've created some official Presumi assets that you can use on your webpage, mobile application or on printed material.

Previous Coverage

We submitted ourselves to BetaList to test the waters and see if people were interesting in a resume-tracking system for job seekers. Fast forward 2 months to the late January and Presumi was published to ProductHunt and raked in hundreds of upvotes and a influx of tweets. We've been featured on Startup Daily, The American Genius, KillerStartups, the UTS Newsroom and the Salesforce IQ blog.

We've also been listed on Land-Book (and their best landing pages article), the SaasClub Newsletter, LaunchingNext, StartupList, The Tech Portal and LaunchTicker, we've been written about on Outilsveille, AllMyFaves, TrendHunter, What's New, Clases de Periodismo, Come Recommended, Ivy Exec and Social Geek; and we've even been talked about on NewsTalk Radio. If you know somewhere else we've been mentioned, let us know via email and we'll be sure to include it on this page.

We participated in the Nescafe Headstart 2016 competition and made it into the finals. We got the chance to pitch at UNSW and meet Natalie Tran (communitychannel) which was pretty great. Unfortunately we didn't win but we did walk out with $1000 and a clear direction on where to go next.